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Have you ever take your car to a mechanic? Usually, you first have to tell the mechanic what you think is wrong with the car. Then the mechanic will use a trouble-shooting guide to diagnose what the problem really is with your car. After your mechanic identifies what the problem is with your car he or she will explain the problem to you and then give you some choices for solving the problem.

This somehow works the same for wedding. We appreciate any clients who choose not to told us what to do, but rather tell us what we must achieve together. This doesn’t mean that we knew more about the creative process and the technical requirements than the clients did. But more, both us and the clients are sharing information and trust. So rather than telling your mechanic how to fix your car, it’s better to give any vital information to the mechanic for properly solving your car’s problem.

That is why, I usually arrange a face-to-face meeting, at least once. Besides to know my clients better, I want to psychologically connected with them. Understands what is the important parts that shouldn’t be missed from their wedding day. Dig deeper trough conversation to find what kind of storytelling that the bride and groom would like to present, and finally let them know what kind of looks that they would get. Once I have identified what is important to them, I usually make a note of it so that I don’t forget those all important shots. Kind of trouble-shooting guide of ours, like the mechanic did.

As professional, especially in THEUPPERMOTION, we make sure to do our best and everything we have to make our clients the happiest couple in their most important day of their life.

Yestha Pahlevi

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