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Tolentino & Janice both are works in creatives industry. Tolentino was a lecturer who teaching graphic design, and he love drawing as well. Janice works as scriptwriter and production manager in well-known web video series production house in Jakarta. After their meetings 6 years ago, they had to go trough many things to finally met this day. A day that they’ll never forget for the rest of their life.

As we met, we personally asks them to make a single short movie about them. They somehow felt very excited as well as we do. After some discussion, suddenly came up an idea to told their stories using a short poetic film titled “Dua yang Senyawa”. The narration was originally written by Janice herself.

We never felt so proud to be the part of their wedding day and capture their once in a lifetime celebrations using the way we used to be. Being appreciated by another person who profesionally works in creatives industry is kind a remarkable tribute for us. Yet, it also brings a new chalenge for us to complete.

Under the sunset in Batavia Marina, Jakarta, Tolentino and Janice, walking down from the Quicksilver ships, dancing trough the harbour heading to their party full of their beloved friends and family. A beautiful night carved with happiness, joy and laughter. A moments worth to remember.

TOLENTINO + JANICE by theuppermotion-videography

We felt so grateful for Tolentino and Janice for trusting us to capture the most memorable day of their life. We proudly present you this same day edit film. Hopefully, this will be the reminder about your promises that you’ve made and bring more happiness to both of you.

Yestha Pahlevi

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