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A moment before the first meet, Evelyn’s hotel door suddenly jammed and cannot be opened from both sides. Instead of panic, Raymond and all the best man that was just arrived considers the jammed door was just a part of the games. They perhaps felt too excited that morning and decided not worry too much about it. Instead of waiting for the technician to repair the door, Raymond keep on knocking the door and do anything as the bridesmaid told in order to getting in.

After a series of improvised games and challenges made by the bridesmaid, the technician came. Raymond looks so shocked when he realized that the door jam wasn’t a part of a joke. He laugh like crazy, since they don’t believe that it was true. His shocking expression was surprisingly funny and somehow made everyone in that room laugh too. Surely, it’s the sweetest accidental moment of the day.

Then, the ceremony goes on and everything works perfectly as planned. Finally, in front of all the witnesses, Raymond and Evelyn finally made their promises to be a lifetime partner. A moment of happiness that is worth celebrating. Congratulations for both of you. Words may can’t describe the happiness that radiates every seconds in this momentous day. But perhaps, this video could show you a little bit about it.

Yestha Pahlevi


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