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There’s so many things that every bride and groom-to-be will worry about when it comes to counting down their big day. Picking up the right dress, choosing the right foods, invitations, decorations and other million things that actually wouldn’t enough time to discuss and drown out their whole thoughts.

As my wedding cinematography career’s age growing, I found out a lot of couples are barely hard to enjoy themselves as they had so many things to worry about. They will end-up being acting as another person rather than being comfortable to be themselves in their wedding day.

Let me give you some easy tips to get the best moment in your big day. Over worried can’t pleasant it up. Instead, just relax and keep your mind on having a good time. Enjoy every moments of the day. It’s your big day anyway! Greet you guests, hang around, feel blessed, smile from your heart and just enjoy the day. As you pleased to make yourself feel comfortable enough, you never realised that’s the best time for us to put you in our best frame.

Yestha Pahlevi

Bali Wedding Cinematographer | Bali Wedding Videography | Wedding at Bracha Villa Uluwatu

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