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Hello friends, THEUPPERMOST is a proud member of the Fearless Photographers, a unique photography directory of the world’s best wedding photographers who are not afraid to push the limits of professional wedding photography to surprise you with extraordinary wedding photos of your wedding day.

The latest Fearless Photographers Collection 28 has been announced months ago, but end of year always a busy schedule for us, and we don’t have a chance to share it with you, but sure we’re always excited and beyond happy to have placed two of our images in the set alongside many of the best in the wedding industry!

THEUPPERMOST has 65 lifetime awards so far! Thank you everyone who holds their faith in believing in our photography work and constantly giving us supports and opportunities to create images, congratulations to all the winners and thank you to the Fearless Photographers for their recognition of our work and their continued efforts to raise the standards for all wedding photography professionals!

And great improvement on Fearless Photographer website that all the winning images got comments from the judges too!

From our first Wedding in Kenya, Afrika, Devanshi and Vicky Wedding Day :

The photographer struck a perfect balance by choosing a simple composition for the bride’s complex mehndi and the red roses. Every inch of the image is full of colorful detail, but the skillful presentation keeps it from spilling over into chaos. Instead, it is lovely, rich and refined.
– from the Editors of Fearless Photographers


From the wedding day of Kat and Min in Bali :

As tears stream down the bride’s face, the groom lifts a hand to comfort and support her. The rawness of her emotion as she looks up at him, and the sweetness of his gesture in response—these elements tell the whole story, so the photographer smartly cropped in close and isolated those components in black & white.
– from the Editors of Fearless Photographers


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