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Goshhhhh… We just realize that we haven’t write and blog about our first experienced for wedding expo here in Jakarta. On Last April we are blessed to have our first try in wedding expo on Bazaar Wedding Exhibition. Back on the days when we came up with an idea to join wedding expo, since it’s been five years in our career as a wedding photographer we are too comfort with our “reference” client based.

We’re challenge our self for a new things, we’re going to meet new channel of client based. The prospective client who never heard about our works.
We would like to measure our self, and want to learn a lot through this expo. And finally on March we decide to join this expo together with our good friend from WIMO – Wedding in Motion. Due the short time for preparation, since for us this is the first time we’re so confused about how we presented our brand as our self, thank you so much Oscar Setiawan for the help to encourage us with a lot of mind blowing ideas!

First thing that crossed in our mind, is about what should we gave as a hand out gift to our prospective client so they can have enough information about us. Finally we decided to make a booklet that contain our portfolio and our price list structure in forty pages. We try to make these book as simple as possible and easy for the reader.

Second one is about the booth, One day we walk on one of the mall in Jakarta we’re attracted to (X)SML, one of clothes store there. The display of the store full of wooden panel combine with metal ceiling, it’s simple but power full to show the artistic of visual display. Finally all of us agree to the idea that the booth gonna be framed by wooden panel just like that store booth.

Then we tried to browse about booth for wedding photography expo try to see how this idea applied. We found something that we love on Images Is Found bridal booth. It seems that mix corrugated metal and wooden panel is match with our style, we are so inspired with that combination once again. After along discussion, we asked our friend Hengki Arief Budiman, who expert in construction to build our mini “barn looks” on 6×3 meter area.
We decide to display 18 of our award winning images on the metal wall. Its quite symbolic for us, means that we are the photographer that strongly after for great images and we want to our visitor knows that we are the one that they are looking for.

We also made two small tower, inspired from the tower that made by Image Is Found but we consider for moving image to attract people to come and see. We put six ipad in two towers with headset. One tower for video by WIMO – Wedding in Motion and another one for our slideshow photos.

WIMO – Wedding in Motion also put 4×4 meter orion to display their video on outside wall of our booth and put a see through projector display on the other side, which is makes out booth look more interesting.
We make a main light for inside booth from 100 bulp of lights gathered in 1×1 meter wooden panel, its catchy and we love it.

2 Main table to meet a client make our little booth even better.

As we said on the first paragraph that we are so blessed, it’s not a secret that we are so inspired with our fellow indonesian wedding photographer Apertura and you know what? our booth exactly in front of their booth. We are so happy with that, made us an opportunity to talk with our idol more often.

The next good thing is on last day a few our client came to visit our booth, and for our client that from their wedding we got our award images we gave them the canvas that we displayed.

One thing that we regret from this event is we don’t take seriously documentation for our booth and activity during it. We would like to thank you to God Almighty and to everyone that being supportively help us to this big step. We learn a lot from this event, and we definitely come back again next year :)

Cheers !

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  • Hengki Arief Budiman - 05/10/2012 - 5:13 PM

    Lagi buka blog Uppermost baru sadar kalo first ever wedding exponya udah di upload, foto bothnya lebih keren dari booth aslinya git. Apalagi foto2 Uppermost, keren abizzzz….. Kalian emang juara…

  • theuppermost - 09/10/2012 - 5:34 AM

    Hehehee… Thank you Heng, Thanks for the support yaaa….

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